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There's no refuting how powerful the influence an arts education has on a young person.  I would most certainly not be the same without it.  From an early age, I dabbled in art, and it never ceased.  Throughout my schooling I was exposed to a wide variety of media from drawing, painting, filmmaking, graphic design, illustration, and of course music.  It instilled a life-long love for the arts that continues to influence how I operate as a musician.  The song Crazy Times came to me while returning home from a gig, as I reflected upon the insanity of our current state of affairs.  I immediately came home and scribbled this short song down, not realizing it was already in it's near-finished form.  When it came time make a music video, it made sense to try and capture that spontaneity.  A conversation with filmmaker (and director of Crazy Times video) Gregory Kasunich inspired the impetus for this project.  There's so much great art on the walls of Los Angeles that we pass everyday, sometimes we don't even notice the riches.  The Crazy Times video presented us with an opportunity to highlight some of these wonderful pieces, meanwhile give something back to the community.  All proceeds for the Crazy Times single will go towards funding the arts in Los Angeles.  Let's make a difference together!  Thank you in advance for your contribution!  

- Gene Micofsky